How to be seriously 'uncool' but value it

I started chatting to a girlfriend recently about her bucket list.  I was coming to the end of a very hectic work period and was looking forward to having a bit of quiet time to reflect on the year that had gone and to think about what I needed to work on in the next 6 months. 

I generally think I’m a pretty ‘uncool’ person.  Definitely one of life’s ‘observers’ rather than in the middle of all the action.  In fact, on the ‘cool’ scale, I'm waaaaay down there as have always been surrounded by people who seem to lead really interesting lives (I have a very artistic family) or have undeniably awesome jobs or interests.

But it was only when my lovely friend started to reel off what she still wanted to do, that I was thinking…tick (I’ve done that), tick (hmmm…I’ve done that too), tick (oh, and yes, I’ve already done that)!!

So it got me thinking...maybe instead of always thinking about what we still want to do and achieve, we should reflect on where we are and what has got us to the point we’re at now.

What is one persons ‘normal’ is another persons dream!!  

So here are my top 5 ‘reverse’ bucket list of things I’ve already done and, excuse the French, but am bloody proud of (...only now i've been forced to think about it of course):

1. Built my own home:  Not easy...10 years of moving my, ever patient, kids around whilst renovating properties.  It seemed ok at the time but now I look back and realise how 'unsettled' I felt.  We finally moved into our 'forever' home this January!!


2. Produced my own product range:  Again...hard work...and A LOT of money.  And I realise there's still a very long journey ahead of me with that as getting it into boutiques has been a minefield and a complete learning curve. However, I believe in the product and that speaks volumes.


3. ‘Modelled’ (in the loosest sense of the word) for a Sculptor:  Trust me, I am not a model and it really only came about because my partner was an artist.  Still, I'm proud to have a beautiful piece of art in my house...not in a narcissistic way because it's based on me, just because I would never have had the chance to do that under normal circumstances.



4.  Worked abroad:  Now this HAS been an amazing adventure because I'm fortunate enough to do it with my best friend.  Elite retreats has been our 'baby' and we're both really proud of what we believe to be, an incredible experience.  I get to meet some amazing women (men do come too and we would like more going forward) and I learn from each and every one of them.  The preparation is HARD WORK and many, many hours but worth every second when you see how people transform in a short period of time.  Sometimes you don't expect it and certainly they don't. I am grateful to each and every person that has come over the last 4 years.

IMG_2762 3.jpg


And my personal favourite, and something that has changed my life for ever and for the better

 5.   Travelled alone:  I cannot tell you how daunting and yet amazing this is.  If you have never done it, try it.  Every year I try and get away for 3-4 days on my own.  Life at home can sometimes suck the soul out of me but there is something about being a foreigner that makes you a different, more open person.  When you travel alone I believe you give off a different aura...maybe your true self without the stresses and strains of daily life?  Who knows.  If I'm being honest, more than 5 days in my own company would probably drive me nuts and I'd be aching to see my children but a long weekend is enough to recharge my batteries and open myself to new opportunities.  It doesn't have to cost a lot but it is so worth doing. The world is it.



So, finally, there’s nothing wrong with having a bucket list...the things you’d like to do in the future…it helps to focus our minds.  But maybe it’s equally important to congratulate ourselves for all the things we’ve done already.  What is one persons ‘normal’ is another persons ‘cool’.

Value your achievements, however small, however big, but it has got you to where you are now.