First post... Sunday in Ibiza

Sunday morning and a couple of hours to myself. Sat with my organic orange, carrot and ginger juice and my, less healthy, third milky coffee of the day. The view over Ibiza marina toward the castle is stunning and I'm having a moments reflection of my travels this weekend. I've happily secured the villa I'm using for my May fitness and Yoga retreat. A beautiful 7 bedroom place in the south west of the island. Natalie, the owner, enthusiastically filled me in on the Balinese style yoga studio they are building over the winter which will be ready by the time we run our retreat there. Heaven!!! Can't wait to be back here with my clients!!! 
Yesterday morning was spent at the Amante beach bar for their Saturday morning yoga session. Lovely way to spend 2 hours...early stretch session followed by a healthy breakfast overlooking the sea out toward Formentera. Feel very lucky to be extending my work onto this beautiful island next year. Hope some of you can join me for the retreat...and when you do, remind me I don't like ginger in my juices :-)
Ele x