The Ultimate Massage

So I’ve had a lot of fun this month designing a brand new treatment.  Over the years I’ve studied many different styles of massage and one thing I’ve learnt…if I’m being honest…is that most of them contradict one another.  So all you can do, as a therapist, is take from each therapy and culture the bits that make sense to you from an anatomical, research and therapeutic perspective.

And thats what I’ve tried to do when developing my fusion of Thai, Swedish and Chinese massage.

I set out thinking about what I would like from a treatment.  I’m a sucker for trying all therapies but think I’m pretty discerning in what I believe works and what doesn’t.  Obviously its all a personal viewpoint and the placebo effect is equally as important as the physical effect…ie if we think it will work and we want it to work, then the likelihood is that it will.  So all I can do is decide what works for me and begin from that starting point.

Thai yoga massage has some formidable stretches, there’s no doubt about that, but it is a very intimate treatment, which doesn’t always work with some clients…and actually thats very important.  The number one role of the therapist is to put a client at ease, and to make those clients who may initially be nervous (and theres a lot of them) leave, feeling like they’d like to repeat the experience.  I always believe its a great compliment for someone who has never experienced massage before, wondering after that first hour, why they’ve left it so late to start!

Swedish massage has some truly beautifully relaxing moves, which in this day and age, is a god send.  After all, how often is it that we get to be completely passive for an hour?  Heaven.

Chinese medicine has massage techniques that can work on balancing the internal organs.  And the cupping element of the therapy…even if it looks painful…is actually incredibly relaxing.

So why not bring the best from each treatment together?

Well, that is what I’ve aimed to do.  In the 105 minute treatment you will be stretched, massaged, cupped and…CLEANSED!?!? Yes! that’s the lovely extra bit.

The face will be cleansed, toned, exfoliated and massaged with gold, caviar extract, pearls and grape leaf; the mask will be applied and an arm massage will be carried out, followed by a scalp massage and a foot massage.  So not only will your entire body be left feeling worked on but your skin will be clean and fresh with products chosen for their anti-inflammatory properties, the fruit acids for skin renewal, their anti-ageing properties and an injection of proteins and minerals  to protect against sun damage.

Now thats the kind of treatment I would want somewhere but I’ve never found.  So…its been an absolute joy this month, studying past techniques and putting them together to come up with, what i believe, is the ultimate in massage.

And thats the fun of doing what I do over the length of time that I’ve done it.  Learn, learn, learn and then draw together the bits that work for you.  I suppose thats the same with life in general too…you could say thats a life lesson :-)

Looking forward to treating you all

Much love



phil hill