Elite Retreats

So its heading into winter time and we’re probably all forgetting that our summer existed (did we ever really get one in England??)…but lets not dwell, and instead look forward to some lovely things instead.  And what could be more lovely than an utterly self indulgent retreat!!!

So my fabulous business partner and fitness guru Tanya Pascall and I have some exciting things planned for next year AND 2019 (yes, who’d have thought I could think that far ahead!!!).  In fact I spent 4 days on the Amalfi Coast in September looking for new retreat options…I always believe you should take any excuse to travel.

But lets not get too far ahead of ourselves as I’m totally excited about the 3 we have coming up in the next 8 months.

Imagine the scene…December has been hectic planning for Christmas, we will no doubt have had a few social events in the calendar where we’ve guzzled too much wine and eaten too many canapés and are starting the new year feeling a little wiped out and trying to set some good intentions.

So, this is where Elite Retreats come in…

We have planned a weekend in Sussex from 19th-21st January (far enough into the month to need a little help sticking to those New Year Resolutions) where you can relax; eat fresh, clean food (all fully prepared for you so you don’t have to lift a finger); do some yoga, have some massage, have a life coaching session so you can set yourself some goals and get them moving forward AND have some time out from your normal hectic weekends.  Sounding good?

Ok, so there will be SOME fitness (we need to keep that blood moving after all to make you feel even better) but it will be low impact…a little pilates, some walks, maybe some abs work, legs, bums and tums etc (I promise there will not be a burpee in sight, even if I have to restrain Tanya physically!).  Unfortunately, this one sold out in a matter of weeks but if there is enough interest we are happy to organise another date during 2018, although we will hopefully be running this every January.

Or maybe you’re more into your fitness.  We run an annual retreat in Ibiza in May.  The days are filled with fun, laughter and dare I say…sweat.  We also have our fabulous yoga teacher Rachel, who I didn’t mention before but is flying in from Ibiza especially to do our Sussex retreat too, and, might I add gets 10/10 on EVERY feedback form we’ve ever asked the guests to fill in.  

The day starts at 7.30am and we offer a range of classes which people can choose to do or not.  There is free time if you want to sit by the pool or walk to the beach or you can do some extra 1-2-1 coaching with Tanya.  You also get massage as part of your experience and more importantly, you meet new friends and have interesting discussions whilst our lovely chef David from Feast Catering whips us up our healthy meals. 5 days of ‘you’ time…sounds divine doesn’t it? I definitely want to go on it!!!  

However, these retreats sell out fast!  So we have tentatively booked a fitness retreat, but this time at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, 30 minutes from Marrakech in Morocco for 5 nights at the end of September where the temperature will still be lovely and warm and you can make the summer last a little longer.  If this sounds of interest we are currently asking people to register interest at www.elitereteats.co and then we will decide whether to run it.

And finally, we are very excited to announce that we are running our first bespoke retreat in June for the presenters and team of ITV’s Loose Women. Something we’re very excited to do, NOT because of the celebrity factor, but because we enjoy making these retreats special for everyone involved.  We have our ‘formula’ but it will be great to have input from them as to what they would like from something more tailored to a group who all know each other and get on so well. I’d love to think that this will be another direction for us to go in…organising bespoke retreats for groups of friends.  I literally can’t think of anything nicer!

Much love, Ele


phil hill