my week...

The kids are off on school holidays and I’m balancing spending ‘quality’ time with them (ie getting them off the iPads) and continuing trying to earn a living.  I realise I’m in a better position than most, being self employed, but on the other hand…restricting my hours means restricting my income so not always easy.


Anyway, have decided to use the week positively by catching up on all the admin stuff (of which there is stacks!!!) as well as fitting in the odd (ie a lot) of clients. 

Due to the upcoming launch of @EKhomeandbody products it seemed appropriate to do a photoshoot whilst I had the kids at home so we can look like a “instagram style” loving family.  Have to say it went brilliantly. Everyone played ball and no sibling fights broke out. The products look awesome and my children look like they truly adore me!?!  Happy days…thats worth its weight in gold.


Then, in my pursuit of all things natural, I took a trip upto London on Thursday to visit Cosmetics a la Carte in Pavillion Road, Sloane Square.  What an experience!!!! A company that specialises in bespoke makeup but all their products are completely natural  with no nasties in them.  My fabulous consultant, Laura, made up a bespoke foundation for me and did me the most natural-look make over that made such a huge difference to my usual eye bags and pale skin.  I walked out of there with a lighter step (and wallet) but worth every penny.  Do you get to an age…or a stage…where you realise you just need a little more help on the skincare front?  Having been the sort of woman who wears very little makeup, I’ve started to realise I need a little help.  I don’t see that as a bad thing because in my head (not in reality) I’m going to grow into this 80 year old uber glamorous  person who shops in Harvey Nics…but the reality isn’t quite the same.  However, maybe this is the starting point.  Maybe I can’t rely on my usual ‘natural’ look and need to balance out some of the age imperfections.

Laura, the consultant was absolutely delightful and made me feel exceptionally normal that I had no idea how to apply make up at the age of 44. I left with a bag of products that made me feel amazing about myself (as superficial as that may sound) but also that I knew I could apply equally well when I got home.


So for the first time ever, I‘ve gone for a bright red lipstick.  I decided I needed glamour…a little bit of Sophia Loren in my life…and after many attempts, I’ve nailed it.  What a difference a red lipstick can make to a basic look.  


So, all in all, a positive, if utterly, superficial week.  But sometimes we just need a bit of ‘me’ time and I don’t think we should feel guilty about it.  Obviously if I did it all the time I’d be pretty bored but once in a while is good for me.  Kids back to school on tuesday and after that it will be back to the hard slog.  Makes me realise that everyone needs something to look forward to…even if it seems a little ‘first world’.  But I know that next week I’ll go back to 10 hour days at work and keeping my kids alive.



Ele King